TDP-1.5 M Single punch tablet press



This machine is a mini manual tablet press, easy be operated and maintained. The lightest tablet press machine, only hand-operate.
This machine can press round or irregular tablets from various granular materials. It is applicable to trial manufacture in small scale in lab, hospital and science research institutes etc.



- Only a pair of punch and die can be erected on this machine, both filling depth of materials and thickness of tablet are adjustable.
- Press both round and irregular tablets.
- Free with a pair of punch and die.
- Small volume, light weight, works smoothly and low noise.


Technical Parameters

Max. pressure

1.5 KN

Maximum diameter of tablet

10 mm

Maximum depth of fill

10 mm

Maximum thickness of tablet

6 mm

Production capacity

30 - 50 tablets/min

Overall size

360 x 280 x 450 mm

Net weight

25 kg