VH-30B, VH-50B high efficiency mixer


This machine is suitable for pharmacy and other industries, used for mixing the dry granule materials.
This machine adopts manual feed, with unique mixing barrel structure, high efficiency blending, and no dead angle. Using stainless steel material, prevent the mixing materials from being polluted.
The inside and outside of machine are polished. Mixing the materials evenly and apply to a wide range of fields. It also can be equipped with the compulsory mixer, which is according to the users' demand. It is suitable for smaller powder, blocks and the material that contain a certain mixture of water. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a timing device; you can control the material mixing time.



1. Compact structure, operation simple, maintenance convenience.
2. All parts contact with materials are all made of high quality stainless steel, and the inside wall and outside wall of the mixing vat are mirror polished, easy to wash, no pollution, meet the GMP standard.
3. The machine adopts V type asymmetric mixing vat to compound, no dead angle, no accumulation of materials, high speed, and short mixing time, high uniform mixing.
4. Running steady, no noise
5. The machine is equipped with a timing device, it can set mixing time to realize automatic stop.


Technical Parameters




Full volume

30 L

50 L

Working volume

12 L

20 L

Maximum charging quantity

 10 kg

 15 kg

Mixing time

6-8 minutes

Rotary speed of mixing vat

18 r/min


0.55 KW

Power supply

AC,220V/50HZ 1 phase