die and punch

Die and punch of tablet press machine



The die and punch are the most important parts in the tablet press machine, there is one set of die and punch, and they are upper punch, middle punch, lower punch.



- Press Chinese and Western Medicine.
- Press PTEE seal ring, camphor ball and other chemical product.
- Press oxidation ceramic, ceramic balls and other electronic products.
- Press magnetic bracelet baht, chain beads and other metallurgical product.



- The die adopt carbon steel, bearing steel, chrome 12 materials.
- Meeting the IPT standard.
- Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, high temperature, long life.
- 100% interchangeability.
- Precision: 2 degree.
- The roughness of surface can achieve Ra0.1, and the mating surface can achieve Ra0.4.
- Hardness: Die: HRC58+2; Middle Die: HRC60+2.


Technical Parameters

Type of P/D


 Standard reference


standard P/D

GZPK 100 series high speed rotary tablet press, GZPK 1000 series high speed rotary tablet press, GZPK3000 series high speed rotary tablet press, ZP1000 series rotary tablet press, KORCH, FETTE, HORN, KILIAN, MANESTY, STOCK, KIKUSUI and HATA press


Normal P/D for

ZP series tablet press

ZP19, ZP33, ZP33B, ZP35, ZP35A, ZP35B Rotary tablet press


P/D for battery press

HATA-FXSI Positive Pole Ring Former, DZIR6-1000-1 Positive Role Ring Former

Tablet press

oriented P/D

TDP single punch tablet press, THP flower basket tablet press, ZPW21 rotary tablet press, ZPW21A Rotary tablet press, ZP15 Rotary tablet press, ZPY15 Rotary tablet press, ZP25 Rotary tablet press, ZPW23 rotary tablet press, ZPD25 Multifunctional rotary tablet press.