Company Products >> Medical Packing Machinery >>DPP-250FType Flat-plate Al-Plastic(AL/AL) Blister Packing Machine( The picture provides the reference only)


The machine is designed improved and created by our technicians with the feedback of customers who have using the machine for long time. it is widely used in the Ai-Plastic(AL-AL)'s packing of each nubby object and liquid object of the vocation such as machine ,food, electron ,hardware .etc .It can be used to proof moisture and dust, improve product's level and additional value .It can be also linked to product with pillow machine and boxing machine.

Technical Parameters

Punching Frequency:20~50Time/min
Punching Plate:4plate/hour
Adjustable Scope of Travel:30~120mm
Max Forming Area and Depth:245 *112 *18mm
Total Power of Electric Source : Three-Phrase Four-wire 380V 50Hz 5.5Kw
Specifications of Packing Material (Medical PVC):250*0.25(015-0.5)mm