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The machine is the latest medicine's and food's packing machine which has a high quality and a high output . It has the advantages of improving the efficiency and reducing the cost. It is the first-choice packing equipment of producing of vocations such as pharmacy and food. The machine can be linked to produce with boxing machine and pillow packing machine.
Mai Characteristics
Board-shape mould, Forming with air pressure, Being suitable for standard of any former.
Roller-thread hot-sealing, Good sealing effect, light-electricity location, accurate synchronization.
Across non-waste sides' punching can save about 200,000's materials every year.
Production's landscape orientation's output can supply convenience to the boxing machine and pillow packing machine.
Technical Parameters

Punching speed(3Gears):
Total Power:380V 50Hz 9Kw
overall speed:3100*900*1550mm
Packaging box speed:3350*1050*1800mm
Split packaging :1500*1050*1800mm