Company Products >> Medical Packing Machinery >>DPP-160/250F Hot-band Travel Adjustable Flat-plate Type Plastic-AL Blister Packing Machine


Adopting Man-machine interface PLC Control System made by Germany Siemens Co.
Having the functions of fiber-optical no tablet(granule)checking and automatic waste plate rejecting.
Variable frequency speed regulating, separated-type combined body.
Equipped with cursor picture register sets so as to improve the product grade.
This machine can carry out AL-plastic, AL-AL and AL-plastic-AL packing simultaneously, thus achieving the aim of tri-use in one machine.
Multi-layer Composite Packing with Good Tightness Performance, High-intensity Photopathy ,Damp Proof, Fake Proof and Heat Proof Function.
High Collocation, High Performance, Perfect packing
Technical Parameters

Blanking Frequency:15-25 times/min
Blanking Plate: 2 Plates/time ,4 Plates/time
Specifications of Packing Material (Medical PVC):160*0.25(015-0.5)mm
(Medical Formed AL foil):160*0.12(0.10-0.18)mm
Total Power of Electric Source : Three-Phrase Four-wire 380V 50Hz 6Kw
Weight:1800Kg,  2100Kg