Company Products >> Medical Packing Machinery >>DHC-250BAutomatic Double-side Aluminum Foil Packing Machine( The picture provides the reference only)

The machine is a new generation's product According to the demand of medical vocation's GMP standard and absorbing the advanced domestic or aboard technology. It adds linking machine to finish the process such as the medicine's automatic blister's backing, spall's checkm trashy board's delete, explaining book's puckering and boxing and medical former's boxing.etc.
Adjusting the AL-plastic packing machine's traction journey is convenient, aiming at the former is accurate, mould's changing and location are accurate. Automatic boxing machine adopts famous PLC and pneumatic components of import. It hasinte lligent failure's clewing alarm and can automatic control the work flow The linking machine is credible The manipulation of the whole machine is convenient, It is suitable for he Ai-plastic and paper-box's linking health products, cosmetic food and electron
Technical Parameters

Punching frequency:15-40time/min (Frequency control)

adjustable scope of travel:30-120mm
max forming area and depth:
 AL/PL 245*112*16m
specification of standard formers' packing materials:
Medical  PVC 250*0.25(0.15-05)mm
AL(HARD)250*0.15(0.10-0.18)mm Heat cover Al Foil PTP 250*0.02mm
size of wrapper range:
size-scope of paper-box:
size of unfolded explaining book:
max 210*260mm
min 70*150mm
size of folded exoplaining book(1-4fold):
quality of operation manual:
max. capacity :85box/min(Box/min)
air-compress :0.5-0.7Mpa
total power: 380V 50Hz 7.0Kw
overall dimensions:4160*1170*1560m