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This machine is of horizontal revolving drum structure and adopts the mechanical from which combines the Ultrasonic cleaning with spray cleaning of water and air pressure ,It has perfect cleaning results and meets the GMP standard .The ,machine consist of base ,revolving drum, transmission case, highly efficient high-voltage water pump ,filtering wick and electric controlling parts .Uncleaned ampoule in the water tank automatically enters the water filling machine first, then will be immersed in the 55 hot water after filling completes ,then the ampoule will enter the supersonic cleaning zone for supersonic cleaning for a duration of a minute to get the filth, particles and greasy dirt off the outside and inside surface of the ampoule to get the best cleaning results .Then ampoule is mechanism separated and arranged into different units ,which will in turn be placed on the revolving cleaning drum to go through circular water filtering cleaning twice ,then through filtered compressed air cleaning ,injection water cleaning , compressed purified air drying twice so as to be completely clean to meet the standard .Finally the ampoule will be transferred from the cleaning machine into the sterilizing passage.
All parts and accessories of the machine with access to cleaning liquid are made of stainless steel .The cleaning zone is enclosed with transparent Perspex glass so that the production is carried out in an enclosed environment . The machine is equipped with terminal purifying device to make cleaning water and compressed air fully satisfy the bacteria free and clean cleaning requirement .The supersonic device of this machine adopts high-power immersing energe switch and produces low noise in supersonic treatment .The power of the machine is adjustable to suit different sizes .The supersonic operation is in step with the main machine.
The machine is driven by alternating current and it speed is adjusted by changing its frequency .Water pump is of steel pump ,the pipe of which is polished and is easy for cleaning .Electromagnetic valve is installed on the water pipe and the compressed air pipe for saving water. Water temperature in the water tank is automatically adjustable and the operation of the electrical appliance is controlled by the water surface to prevent heating pipe and supersonic devices from being damaged by starting without water. The machine is suitable for using human-computer interface touch screen which displays state of operation ,steam pressure and all kinds of breakdowns and can automatically give diagnosis of breakdowns ,analyze the cause of breakdowns and propose solutions.(the ordinary keyboard control type and the human-computer interface touch screen type are both available for choice).Signals can be received from the filling and sealing machine and the sterilizing and drying machine and operation will automatically stop when bottles are pressed together.
Technical Parameters

Working  pressure :fresh water 0.15Mpa
Consumption Volume: 0.38-0.50 M3/h
Circulation water:0.25Mpa
Consumption Volume:48 M3/h
Power: main motor: 0.37 Kw
Water pump: 1.5 Kw
Heater: 9 Kw
Ultrasonic: 0.6 Kw
Overall dimension(L x W x H): 2300 x 1750 x 1300 mm
Net weight:1400Kg
Gross weight:1900 Kg
Packing box dimension(L x W x H): 2800 x 1700 x 1800 mm