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The machine is of tunnel structure and is divided into a preheating zone, a high temperature sterilizing zone and a cooling zone .The machine consists of ventilating devices ,electrically controlled case ,high temperature sterilizing case ,transmission belt , machine rack ,air filtering system , heating devices and transmission devices .The ampoule enters from the cleaning machine to the tunnel preheating zone , and then through the high temperature sterilizing zone , which is 1080mm in length and 600 in width . The minimum time duration for ampoule in the high temperature sterilizing zone is about 10 minutes and some sizes of ampoule may need about 20 minutes .Ampoule cools down in the cooling zone and its temperature will be close to room temperature.
The machine has a preheating zone, a high temperature sterilizing zone and cooling zone , which all have independent air purifying system, namely independent ventilating passage, ventilating machine ,medium and high efficiency filtering machine with the air speed and volume being adjusted by frequency switching device .The whole working process is protected by 100 grade laminar flow purified air in a clean production conduction without dirt and bacteria to meet the GMP standard. The induction switch is used in the operation to control the ampoule balance of the front and the back machine ,. When the machine stops operation , the high temperature zone cools down slowly but the ventilating machine is still in operation , when the temperature drops to a constant figure, the ventilating machine automatically stops working and no operator is needed .no body is needed to watch over the machine while it is in normal operation.
The machine adopts negative pressure sealing technology and all the high efficiency filtering within all purifying passage adopt negative pressure sealing , which helps the installation and sealing requirement compared with positive pressure sealing .The heating base adopts twisting structure and the hot air ventilator adopts horizontal structure and is safer and easier and maintain ..The ampoule height and size adjusting board is gear or rack driven and is easy to handle and operate .The machine is controlled by human-computer touch screen which displays the operation state of the machine ,The temperature of all working zone ,the temperature curve diagram , the change of air pressure , the automatic diagnosis of the breakdowns and causes of breakdowns and solutions to mend those breakdowns.
The sterilizing and drying machine is used for drying and sterilizing ampoule bottles in the pharmaceutical factories , and other medical glass bottles vials , oral liquor bottles , etc.

Technical Parameters

Usable size:5 sizes of ampoule ,Oral Liquor bottles ,Vials etc.
Production capacity:67300 bottles/min Effective
Width of the conveyer belting : 400mm
Sterilizing temperature:300(adjustable)
Electric capacity:31Kw(including capacity) , including electric heating 27Kw ,Normal actuarial consumption 11 Kw.
Overall dimensions:( L x W x H):3100 x 1580 x 2400mm
Net weight: 2300kg
Gross weight:3000kg Packing dimensions: (l x w x h)
Main motor:4200 x 1600 x 2500 mm