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The machine is a multi-injection filling and sealing machine and consists of base , transmission drives ,measuring pump , wiredrawing structure , laminar flow device and is suitable for filling and sealing the ampoule in a bacteria free condition .The machine adopts linear intermittent operation design , the ampoule in the filling and sealing machine is separated and transported to fan-shaped block , and then conveyed to constantly moving beam , and then step-by-step conveyed to every working position to complete such technical process as foregoing , separation , postgasing , sealing . All working positions are clean and neat and easy to operate.
The filling system adopts glass pump and is easy to clean and assemble and thus good for general use .It can both make instep adjustment its measuring and make fine tuning as well .It adopts sucking design and avoids coking . It adopts PLC controlling technology and makes no filling while there is no bottle , which is precise and dependable . The main machine is driven by alternating current and its speed is adjusted by changing frequency .In the sealing operation , the ampoule neck revolving heating adopts mobile track patent technology to guarantee the even-heating of the ampoule and the smoothness and brightness in the seal .Besides ,the machine is suitable for all types of liquid petrol gas .The gas in the seal is liquid gas with oxygen or city coal gas with oxygen and mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.
The machine is highly automatic ,for instance , in the transportation of bottles ,the transportation of bottles will stop while ampoule are working in their sealing position of bottles when bottles are filled .The machine is suitable for the use of human-computer touch screen control ,which can display state of operation , gas , oxygen pressure ,operation speed ,add-up number of products , diagnosis of breakdowns and solutions.

Technical Parameters

Needle number: 6 and 8
Fuel: gas or urban gas ,pressure: 2.8-3 x 104Pa
Consumption:200-280 L/h
Oxygen pressure: 2-4 x 105 Pa
Consumption :900-1200 L/h
Power:2 Kw
Overall dimensions(L x W x H):2750 x 1600 x 2600mm
                           3240 x 1600 x 2600mm
Net weight:1300-1500Kg