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The YBX ampoule packing production line is my company to digest and absorption the domestic and international advanced ampoule packing production line technique and installing my company the patent of print machine(patent number:00221960.3 01217836.5) to produce to packing production line .The YBX ampoule packing production line have very high automatic lever and could automatism print and stick brand .And he can fit different specification handwork paper box and deferent brand and By the medical work's used proved this ampoule packing production line lonely solved the hard work of the packing and can increase the quality of the packing.

Technical Parameters

Stick box machine could automatism enter box and exact open the error box
The brand use the auto brush and nicety stick brand.
The capot print tech could clearly print several line.(can print 4-5 line)
The YBX ampoule packing production line could choice alone and linkage