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1.Compared to multifunctional tank, ointment-collecting rate can be increased 10-15% and the active principle of the ointment can be increased over one times .During the process of extraction, the hot solvents are added on the medicine continuously and fast pass through the layer of drug and make the solute in the medicinal materials dissolved. The solute content in the drug and the solute content in the solvent keep a high gradient until the solute in the drug fast and completely dissolved ,so the extract rate of the active principle is high .In addition, concentration is fulfilled in a set of airproof equipment ,small in lost, high transition rate ,so the ointment-collecting rate and the content of the active principle are high.
2.It only needs 7-8 hours from medicinal materials to concentrated ointments because of solute fast dissolved, short in extraction ,synchronization of concentration and extraction. The availability of the machine is high.
3.Single equipment, small sized ,high availability and small investment.
4.For extraction ,add solvent only one time. Cyclic utilization in a set of airproof equipment, the solvent in the gruffs can be retrieved by and large .So compared to multifunctional extract tank, the solvent dosage is lowered by over 30%and the specific consumption can be lowered 50-70%,Which smoothes out a road for using organic solvent to extract and purify the active principle of Chinese traditional medicine.
5.The extract and the concentration in the concentrator are thermal because of the secondary concentrated steam as the heat source for extraction ,can save over 50% steams ,easy to operate, reduction in operators.
Put the drug into the extract tank ,and add solvent of 5-10 times of the drug, such as water ,ethanol, methanol and acetone etc.(according to technological requirement).Open the straight-through of the extract tank and the steam valve ,and then ,draw 1/3extract into the concentrator with a suction filter tube ,close the straight-through and the steam, and then, open the valve of the heater and make the liquid materials concentrated .When concentration ,the secondary steams appear, via the lifting pipe of the evaporation ,the steams enter into the extract tank as the heat source and keep the extract tank boiling.
The secondary steams are rising continuously , after through the condenser ,the steams fall back into the extract tank as anew solvent on the drug .The new solvent fast passes trough the layer of drug from up to down and reaches the bottom of the extract tank. The soluble active principle of the drug is dissolved by the solvent in the extract tank .The new solvent formed like this is big backflow extraction ,so the solute density in the drug and the solute density of the solvent keep a high gradient .The solvent in the drug will fast dissolve out until completely dissolving out(the extract colorless),at this time, stop draw the extract into the concentrator ,the concentrated secondary steams are transferred to the cooler. The concentration goes on continuously until the ointment proportion goes on continuously until the ointment proportion is 1.2-1.34,discharging for use. The colorless liquid in the extract tank can be kept in the storage tank for next use. The gruffs are discharged through the gruffs-discharging gate .For organic solvent ,should first add appropriate water and open the straight-through and the steam valve, make the gruffs discharged after recycling the solvent.

Technical Parameters

Volume of extract can 1m3 2m3 3m3 6m3
Volume of concentrator0.5m3 1m3 1.5m3 2.5m3
Temperature for water distillation 90~1000C
temperature for alcohol distillation 78~830C
Distillation time4~5H/B
Vacuum degree0.05~0.08MPa
Used pressure 0.08~0.2MPa