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This machine is the high-speed filling and sealing machine inter grating filling and lid-revolving (lid-pressing) procedures, which can be applied into the liquor filling and lid-revolving (pressing ) of 50-250ml glass bottles and plastic bottles. The machine adopts the filling structure which can make the filling head automatically enter into the bottle bottom and rise with the bottle without overflow. To avoid contaminate the worktable, the machine is set to no bottle no filling with high accurate piston filling. There is coarse and fine filling to make adjustable which is simple and convenient. The combined filling piping and the filling assembly are convenient to discharge ,sterilize, and reassemble. Use the adjustable gas valve to conveniently adjust the strength of li-revolving (pressing), transducer system to adapt to the various filling speed requirements of different viscosity. There are two types of this machine to be available: screw lid and safety lid.

Technical Parameters

Applied bottle:50-250ml standard of special)
Production ability:120-200 bottle/min
Filling accuracy:1%
Outer size:510020001950mm