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This machine is applied in win the champion again kill gerents or not need the kill gerents handle to take orally the liquid bottle for cleaning drying, after this machine handle to can directly used for the pack, this machine transports the bottle by screw, pressure water the inside outside flush, the hot breeze circularly blow the dried way to proceeds to bottle to pack the handling of front, and is a stanza that take orally the liquid to produce ideal in factory house can type product.

Technical Parameters

Production ability£º4800¡«6000 bottles/min
Applied bottle£º10¡«20ml straight tube bottle
Way£ºstraight form ¡¢Hot breeze circulation
Drying temperature£º80¡«140¡æ
Recycling water consumption£º0.5m3/h£¨import ZG3/4¡å£© Pressure£º0.25¡«0.3 MPa
Leave the son water consumption£º0.5m3/h (import ZG3/4¡å) Pressure£º0.20¡«0.25MPa
Purified compressed air consume£º0.4m3/min(import ZG3/4¡å) Pressure£º0.20¡«0.25MPa
Power supply£º380V¡¢50Hz Three-phrase four-wire
Output size£º3100¡Á900¡Á1750

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