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This production is improved and designed on the basis of PP100.Tablet counting machine is swing-style. the sifter adopts the advanced eccentric wheel at home, the speed is regulated by electronics. It avoids the shake, sounds, part-broken easily and difficult maintenance for worm and worm wheel without axial play. The bottle clamp is controlled pneumatically, which can be adjusted easily. The paper filling machine. lid-screwing machine and tablet counting machine are combined by one convey belt, which avoids the bottles bump and falling. Material-adding mechanicals are filled on the paper-supplying & lid-screwing machine, which reduces labor intensity and manual pollution and improves production efficiently in the need of GMP more.

Flow chart

Lz-120 automatic bottle-regulating machinePBS-100 tablet-counting machineHSX-100 paper-supplying & lid-crewing machinePFT-100 Aluminum foil seaming label sticking machine.