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HCX-100 paper-supplying and lid-screwing machine is a kind of multi-use automatic machine that completes the whole process of paper supplying and lid screwing, which is helpful to industries as pharmaceutical, food, chemical and etc. The machine is specially designed with a reasonable structure, practical and highly automatic. Besides, the machine takes up less space and is also easy to operate. It should be a best choice for most pharmaceutical companies.


A. Transducer is adopted to adjust speed of main motor ,make it fit for different output requirement
B. The machine are controlled by PLC program, easy to operate and stable in property.
C. There are apparatus that stop the machine when there is no bottles.
D. Automatic lid-adding apparatus enables the lids with aluminum foil to go directly into next process so as to avoid any direct contact between the worker and lid, which meets with GMP standard.

Technical Parameters