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TB-6000 Automatic Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine
1>    Advanced industrial man-machine interface controller, the key electric components are products of world famous companies;
2>    Specially designed knife plate is change free with the rated specification;
3>    The machine adopts novel pressure-label-insertion mode, it proves reasonable and convenient;
4>    Central column can freely adjust height up and down;
5>    Adopts a high sensitivity optical fiber sensor ensuring accurate length of cut;
Technique Parameter:
  Capacity:                                              6000BPH
  Label Diameter:                                   50-90(mm)
  Bottle Diameter:                                   50-90(mm)
  Label Insertion Length:                        40-150(mm)
  Material;                                              PVC/PET
  Label Thickness:                                 0.04 (mm)
  Steam consumption:                            50Kg/h
  Steam pressure:                                  0.2MPa
  Power:                                                 2.0KW
Dimensions (L*W*H):                            2000*890*2600(mm)
  Weight;                                                1500Kg
Main supplier of components:
  1> PLC                                                 MITSBUISHI(JAPAN)
  2> Touch-screen                                 EASYVIEW(TAIWAN)
  2> Transducer                                     YASKAWA(JAPAN)
  3> Contactor                                        SCHNEIDER(GERMAN)
  4> Sensor                                            SICK(JAPAN)
5> Axletree                                           NSK, MNB, EZO, IJK(JAPAN)
6> Servo system                                  YASKAWA(JAPAN)
7> The stainless steel is SUS 304.