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Specification :
The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, solid drink and so on industries. It can make the stirred raw materials become granule with needed size or crush the blocked raw materials into small granule.
The machine is mainly used for making granule with different specifications of pharmaceutical industry , chemical industry ,foodstuff industry ,etc .After dried ,the granule can be pressed into all kinds of shaped products. The machine can also used for crushing dried raw materials that are cohered.
The place where should be contacted with raw material is made of stainless fully .Its appearance is beautiful and taste and its clean is very convenient and its operation is simple and its energy consumption is low.
The drum is swung repeatedly through mechanical driving, which makes the material extruded from sieve,
further granulated or crushed or speedily palletized.
Production capacity£¨kg/h£©
Power of motor£¨kw£©
(Y90L-4) 2.2
Revolution of roller(r/min)
Swing angle£¨degree£©
Diameter of roller£¨mm£©
Overall dimensions£¨L x W x H£©£¨mm£©
Notes :because raw material exists difference ,the output listed in the table is used for reference only.

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