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This machine is a new product has been researched into and developed according to the capsule filling and shrink fitting. It is a combined conveyor system .it is composed of capsule arranger (cap and body) ,shrink fitting plate ,fore shafting machine. compare with high speed machine .Reduce the operator .lessen the work area .fitting for capsule arranging shrink fitting in mini pharmaceutical factory .hospital medical department . laboratory .
Applied in 00# - 4# capsule for shrink fitting of capsule cap and body ,medical powder filling.
Low cost ,operate freely. Convenient repair and maintenance ,low power loss ,high production efficiency ,one machine is multi-purpose etc.
Product capacity
400 capsules each time according to the proficient degree of variably 30-50 seconds per time .it produces 300,000-400,00 capsule each shift
Capsule arranger AC 220V 50HZ
Fore shafting machine AC 280V 220V(for the users wanton choice)
Power consumption
1)one set of cap; body arranger respectively
2)One set of fore shafting (pre-locking compatibility )machine
3)the cover board one set
Overall size
1000mm,400mm,1200mm (arranger)
590mm,520mm,780mm (fore shafting machine)