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This machine is used to fill and seal for easy-folding plastic-bottle which is designed according to foreign same type machines.
The whole machine is controlled by PLC, interface operated between person & computer, run automatically delivering, filling, plugging and filling by rotating piston pump, sealing with heat-melting and series special processes.
The changing controlling is run by hand and automatic. There is other function such as step by step adjustment. Stop filling and plugging if there is no bottles and count automatically. It is the first-chosen equipment at present oral liquid filling & sealing meets the requirement of GMP.
1.      Capacity: 30¡«40 bottles/min
2.      Range of bottles: 10ml, 15ml, 20ml (Easy-folding plastic bottle)
3.      Count way: Metallic rotating piston-pump
4.      Count precision: Meets state pharmacopoeia
5.      Sealing way; Heat-melting sealing automatically
6.      Total power: 2Kw, Power supply: 380V, 50Hz 3-phase 4-line system
7.      Overall size: 2800¡Á1000¡Á1500 (mm)
8.  Pressure of Compressed Air £º0.2MPa¡«0.3MPa    Consumption£º0.2m3/min
9.  Pressure of Purified Compressed air consume£º0.3MPa¡«0.4MPa

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