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Performance and Characteristics:
With variable frequency speed regulating ,air cushion heat-sealing, PC circuit control and adjustable travel, this machine adopts manipulator grip and is equipped with inching device with accurate synchronization and exquisite design ,so it is a essential machine for producing and packing tablets, capsules and deformed objects in pharmaceutical plant.
Capsule orientating device:
It adopts mechanically-drive, pneumatic control, orientate the capsule in a sequence according to different colors, with an international lead in running speed and the rate of orientation and the rate of correction reach to 99.9%.
It can manufacture according to the size of sheet that the customer required, and equip with all kinds of blister packing machine.
Main Technical Parameters
Blanking Frequency£º20-40times/min
Blanking Plate£º2-3plates/hour
Adjustable Scope of Travel£º30-100mm
Packing Efficiency£º2400-7200plates/hour
Max Forming Area and Depth£º140¡Á100¡Á18mm
Specifications of Packing Material (Medical £Ð£Ö£Ã)£º150¡Á0.25(015-0.5)mm
Total Power of Electric Source£ºSingle-phase 220v 50Hz 4Kw

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