Company Products >> Medical Packing Machinery >>High-Speed Pillow Automatic Packaging Machine HPP-250

It is suitable for biscuits, bread, moon-cake, daily-commodity, hardware 
etc many kinds of regular shapes.
1.This machine is controlled by PLC program which makes the performance stable and the operation very easy.
2.The interface between user and the machine is in Chinese. So user can make and save the settings very conveniently.
3.The main motor is equipped with high quality frequency converter, which brings the advantage of step less speed variation.
4.High accuracy photoelectric tracing system with automatic compensation in both direction brings the reliable accuracy.
5.Stepless speed variation is used for the length adjustment of the bag. This makes the machine much more durable, and performance not only stable but also precisely.
6.The conveying chain can be adjusted without stopping. Easy and active.
7.Adjustabe end close structure, to make the sealing more perfect. No-packaging cutting phenomenon.
8.It can be equipped with filling nitrogen device, install the heating dot maker, its position can be adjusted
Max .film width
Max packaging capacity < fix) to material its>
50- 200 bags / min
Suitable film thickness
Length of bags
Packaging width
Packaging height
Total power
2.4Kw 220v
Overall dimensions