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MHSC-100 Rolls the pattern soft encapsulating machine was in has absorbed the domestic and foreign vanguard technology foundation .unified the soft gum Tibetan serf to produce the craft and the characteristic ,used the advanced technology and the high quality material ,requested according to GMP to design carefully becomes. This machine uses the single-phrase 220V power source ,mainly uses in the laboratory and the medicine grinds the organization soft capsule product development or the small batch production trial manufacturing.
1.        The optimized design ,the structure is compact ,the area is small .
2.   Necessary complete the complete equipment include : A main engine and control system, a dryer , set of molds and a transportable platform ,moreover has a 60L to move the capsule to form a complete set with it.
3.   Uses PLC to touch screen control completely ,the ease of operation ,the performance is stable .
4.   The complete equipment may facilitate the migration.
Dimension of the Die roller
64 x 100mm
Rotary speed of the die roller
0 4 rpm (Limitless speed change)
Single plunger supply capacity
Power of the main motor
Entire machine power
Power source
220V ,50HZ,Single Phrase
Overall size
620 x 660 x 1350mm