Company Products >> Medical Packing Machinery >>VZB68-D Multifunction Automatic Packing Machine

Performance and Characteristics
This packaging machine is designed especially for the packing of condom. At one time,
it can complete automatic feeding, film transportation, stretch of condom,
wrapping and molding, thermal sealing, single bag slitting and random bag count
slitting, automatic oil-dripping, four-side waste material cutting, and date printing . also you
can install the code-spraying machine to combine the production
Main Technical Parameters
Packaging speed: 50-80Bag/Pc
Packing material (Aluminum foil compound film ,pllypropylene /polyethyl enecompound film and paper towel etc)
Film roll: 280mm ,Hole diameter of roll film : 75--77
Bag sizes :70m x 30mm ,Sealing Range in Periphery:5mm .
Power supply and total power 220V 50Hz 2.2kw
Overall weight 1000kg
Overall dimensions 2250 X 1030 X 1220mm