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Performance and Characteristics
It is a new generation packaging machine which researched and manufactured by our factory. This machine can automatically finish the processes of film cutting¡¢feeding¡¢printing batch NO. ¡¢photoelectric tracking¡¢oil-dropping ¡¢wrapping and molding¡¢sealing¡¢single bag cutting or random bag count cutting etc. Usable for small objects' square-shaped packaging or round-shaped packaging , such as condom¡¢commodity¡¢electric parts¡¢pharmaceutical equipments and so on. The use of advanced photoelectric digital tracking system makes its possible to set the length of package an it can get correct designed patterns ,Synchronous package pulling system makes the movement of the packages smooth and accurate.
1.      Adopt PLC control system and frequency transducer ,which brings reliable working, easy operation, convenient maintain and stops automatically when malfunction.
2.      It is a multi-function packaging machine ,it is usable in both round-shaped & square-shaped packages (by change the mould).
3.       Adopt orientation system of intelligent photo electricity cursor, and double aspects' rectify deviation, which make the packaging more accurate.
4.       Automatically finish the processes of film-slitting, printing batch NO., rectify deviation, oil dropping ,wrapping and molding, sealing, waste materials' cutting, single bag and random bag count cutting ect.
5.      A wide range of wrapping material, including polypropylene/polye-thylene, compound film, Aluminum foil compound film ect.

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