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Performance and Characteristics
A new generation packaging machine developed by our factory, which is designed for double rows' packaging. adopt double-chains which is vacuum in the middle for double rows' feeding. The use of advanced photoelectric digital tracking system makes it possible to set the length of package and when packing film with cursor mark is used, the first package is able to seize the cursor mark and get correct designed patterns. Synchronous package pulling system makes the movement of the packages smooth and accurate. And plate sealing and random bag cutting equipment is used .It can automatically finish the whole process .It is the ideal packaging machine for square bags.
Main Technical Parameters
Packaging speed: 20-210Bag/Pc
Packing material (Aluminum foil compound film ,pllypropylene /polyethyl enecompound film and paper towel etc)
Bag sizes :55mm x 58mm ,Sealing Range in Periphery:5mm .
Power supply and total power 220V 50Hz 2.2kw
Overall weight 1550kg
Overall dimensions 2350 X 800 X 1650mm