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Specification :
It is a small desktop type filling machine. It is applied to filling ointment or liquid into various containers by manual.
1.      All parts of this machine are made of high quality stainless steel, no easy pollution, easy cleaning, meet the GMP standard.
2.      Its structure is simple, easily operation and maintenance.
3.      Worker can easily adjustment the filling volume, from 2ml to 70 ml.
4.      It is an economical and applied filling machine, It is applied to trial manufacturing, or
batch produce in small scale in lab, hospital, science research department or in family
use it.
Many in last years, this machine won the large customer¡¯s good opinion by excellent quality and very low price.
Technical Parameter:
Work type
Filling volume
Filling accuracy
+ -1.5%
Max. filling weight
70 g
Feed hopper
5 kg and 10 kg
Overall size
380*240*630 mm
Packing size
400*260*650 mm 
Net weight
10.45 kg
Gross weight
13 kg

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