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This unit is the 10ml – 20ml oral liquid fills installs in the production line the main equipment ,can complete the oral bottle to wash bottles, drying , to fill automatically installs with movements and so on seal .This unit production process is short ,the structure is simple ,usable ,is the oral manufacture most ideal supplementary equipment.
Product capacity :4800-6000 Bottle/Hour (CDFS )
              9000-12000 Bottle/Hour (CDFS-II )
Suitable Bottle : 10ml –20ml Straight phial
Drying Temperature : 120~140℃
Sales commission discharge of water : 0.5m³/h(CDFS);0.8m³/h(CDFS-II)
Purification water consumption quantity : 0.3m³/h(CDFS);0.6m³/h(CDFS-II)
Purification Water consumption quantity: 0.4m³/min(CDFS);0.6m³/min(CDFS-II)
Filling accuracy:0~2% 
Power supply :380V 50Hz Three-phrase four wire
Power :15KW (CDFS)  ,20KW (CDFS-II ) 

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