BYC-300,400 coating machine with simple spray unit

BYC-300, BYC-400 Water chestnut mode coating machine with simple spray unit



The machine is used to carry out sugarcoating and so on to the core of Chinese traditional medicine and western medicine tablets, it integrates strong power, weak power and hydraulic pressure with pneumatic operation, it is new type equipment improved on the basis of original common type sugarcoating machine.
The machine is composed of the mainframe (original sugarcoating machine), controllable normal-temperature hot air system, automatic liquid supply and air supply spraying system, exhaust unit etc. The main motor has function of frequency speed control, it sprays the coating purposed auxiliary materials to the tablet surface with high atomized spray gun automatically, meanwhile, the tablets make continuous and complex track movement in the coating pan, let the coating liquid cover the tablet core evenly, the Controllable normal-temperature hot air in the pan will dry the tablets at the same time, Exhaust fan discharges the waste gas and aqueous vapor, let the tablet surface form a Firm, fine, complete and smooth surface film rapidly.



- The machine has advantages of simplified structure, easy operation, less dust, smooth and fine tablet surface, saving auxiliary materials and convenient maintenance. It is the ideal equipment for tests in laboratory.
- Operating reliably, low noise.
- Pollution free, convenient to wash and maintain.
- Fabrication cost low.
- Operate with electrical control, the rotational speed of the pot is adjusted by frequency Converter, the wind temperature, the tablet temperature all are adjustable and controllable.


Technical Parameters




Diameter of pan

300 mm

400 mm

Production capacity

1-2 kg/time

2-5 kg/time

Temperature range

Normal temperature- 80º Celsius

Rotary speed

              0- 46 r/min

Motor power

                     0.55 KW

Power of blower fan

40 W

Spray gun


Fluid barrel

Made in Flight

Air compressor


Heating power

                     1.5 KW

Solenoid valve


Net weight

71 kg

76 kg

Gross weigh

90 kg

95 kg

Packing size

930x530x1040 mm

940x530x1040 mm