lab coater

BY-300 mini lab coating machine



This machine is applied to medicament research, iatrology education and medicament trial-manufacture.
We can espial the coating course of tablet, granule or pill and the make technics of capsule granule, also can exact get the experimental data of produce sugar tablet and capsule granule.
This machine also can be used to trial-manufacture or batch produce in small scale in lab Of hospital, science research, pharmacy etc departments.



This machine has unique machinery structure, adopts bidirectional adjusting device.
1. The gradient angle of sugar coating pot can be adjusted at will.
2. The speed of sugar coating pot can be adjusted; the range is 0-60 r/min at will. Operation is simple, display is intuitionistic.
3. Annex ---- Diameter of the sugar coating pot and material.
1# Diameter 300mm stainless steel
2# Diameter 200mm stainless steel
3# Diameter 100mm glass


Technical Parameters

Speed of the sugar coating pot

0-60 r/min (adjustable)

Gradient angle of the sugar coating pot

35º - 45º (adjustable)

Heating control range

0-100º Celsius (adjustable)