YZG-8A 1000

YZG-8A 1000 Automatic linear liquid filling machine




The machine is an automatic liquid filling device which is composed of PLC, human-computer interface, and optoelectronic sensor and air-powered. The machine adopts time control theory, switch time of the solenoid valve and metering pump to control the filling dose precisely. The machine is unique in simple operating, stable performance, accuracy measuring, no dripping or leaking and convenient in changing model.
The machine is made of stainless steel, meet the GMP standard.
The stainless steel conveyer chain belt can be connected with capping machine and sealing machine, really an ideal automatic liquid filling machine for round and anomalistic bottle.
The machine is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food industry, cosmetics, Agricultural chemical, chemical industry and so on.


Principle of work

The machine adopt linear filling, the bottle conveyed through conveyer belt. When the bottle arrives at the blocking bar, the bottleneck is rightly below the filling nozzle. After the optoelectronic sensor detecting the last bottle and delay a while, the filling cylinder opens and the liquid filled into bottles. Blocking bar at the outlet draws back after bottles filled. The bottles filled deliver by the conveyer belt. The filling done, The blocking bar at the inlet transport the next set of bottles.
The filling machine stops automatically and when lack empty bottle or no bottle enters and optoelectronic sensor at the inlet doesn't detect signal.
When the following line blocked, the filled bottle can't deliver, the optoelectronic sensor at the outlet detects the signal and stop filling automatically.


Technical Parameters

Filling range

50 - 1000 ml

Filling speed

30 - 60 bottles/min

Filling precision

± 1%


0.4 KW

Power supply

AC, 220V/50HZ 1 phase

Working pressure

0.8 MPa

Air consumption

0.5 M3/min

Net weight

700 kg

Overall size

1900x1000x1780 mm