ALG-6 Six needles ampoule filling and sealing machine




The machine is a new generation of the ampoule drawing, filling and sealing combined equipment for injections. It adopts the rectangular feeding instead of the traditional ampoule feeding methods. In such case, the feeding is steady with no easy broken ampoule. A modern clutch is mouthed under the ampoule feed hopper.
Therefore, the ampoule feeding can be stopped at any time while the machines is still running. So the ampoule lost can be reduced. In the part of stopping filling where changes electromagnetic switch into mechanical switch. It is reliable and durable, bottle reverse and bottle arranging structure are used in the device of bottle outlet. It reduces the broken rate of the finished product.


Technical Parameters




1-3 ml, 3 - 5 ml

Production capacity

8000-10000 bottles/hour

Precision of filling & sealing


Broken rate of the ampoule

≤ 1%

Sealing rate

≥ 98%

Sealing gas

1)  Coal gas + oxygen

2)  Liquid gas + oxygen

Pressure of gas

1) Coal gas = 0.9-1 MPa

2) Oxygen = 0.08-0.1 MPa


0.55 KW

Power supply

AC, 380V/50HZ 3 phase or customized

New weight

400 kg

Overall size

  1850 x 1000 x 1350 mm


I. Delivery time:
15 working days after receiving the payment
II. Payment: 
T/T or Western Union
III. Guarantee:
One year quality guarantee and spare parts for one year free of charge.
IV. After service:
The buyer will pay the all cost of the seller's person to go abroad for installation and training, including the go and back tickets, the local housing and food, the local transfer and so on.
V. This quotation is available within 30days