GX-200  High-speed capping machine (capper + elevator)


GX200 is economical, and easy to operate.
This versatile in-line capper handles a wide range of containers at speed to 200 bottles/min and offers a quick and easy change over routine that maximizes production flexibility.
The tightening discs are gentle which will not damage caps but with an excellent capping performance.



- Capping speed up to 200 bottles/min
- One button to adjust height
- Wide applicability for various caps and bottles
- Auto stop and alarm when lack of cap
- Stainless steel frame
- 3 sets of tightening discs
- No-tool adjustment
- Choice of various types of cap feeders


Technical Parameters

Capping speed

50 - 200 bottles/min

Bottle size

30 - 120 mm

Cap size

20 - 50 mm


1.3 KW

Power supply

AC,220V/50-60HZ 1 phase

Working direction

Left à Right ( or Right à Left )

Net weight

850 kg

Overall size

1800x1000x1850 mm (Length x Width x Height)