JF-2 Aluninum Foil Sealing Machine

JF-2 Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine



This machine is Applied to food ,pharmaceutical ,chemical , commodity industrial all kinds of vessel mouth aluminum foil sealing .
Transistor type electromagnetism compound aluminum foil machine is a new vessel sealing machine .applied to glass bottle and plastic bottle after filling the medical ,chemical ,food , cosmetic or oil plants sealing process .adopt the compound aluminum foil sealing can valid avoid the inner goods overflow or wet ,so advance the medical or food period of validity .and good to down the produce and freight.
1.Operate is freely .safety and depends .cool water extra temperature or turnoff stop and alarm .
2.working is steady and no noise.
3.test automatically .delete the cap without the aluminum foil.


Technical Parameters

1.Product capacity :50-120 bottle/min (base the detail diameter )
2.the diameter of the bottle mouth ∮20-70mm
3.The high of the bottle :50-150mm
4.Motor power :4KW 220V 50-60 HZ
5.Overall Size :1650 x 900 x 1200 mm
6.Weight :120KGS