DPP-138A  AL-Plastic Blister Packing Machine



This machine can continually and automatically complete the packing proceedings, is blister cap form-taking, medicine-feeding, heat sealing, printing lot no, and cutting into format. It Has advantage as compact structure, full function, gear wheel working, and accurate
Synchronization, stable cooperation, easy to replace the mould, low cost and needn't to equip Auxiliary unit. Turn on power and connect it with cooling water, you can produce in a large scale.
The machine is widely used in the vocation of medicine, foodstuff, electron, hardware for Alu/PVC blister packing of various nubby objects, such as capsule, tablet, pill and electronic Part.



Variable frequency speed regulating, PC circuit control panel.
Adjustable travel adopts manipulator grip equipped with inching device, which has accurate Synchronization.
Travel-type feeder is suitable for feeding capsules and tablets.
Mould spout location is convenient for replacing mould.
Exquisite machine is suitable for small-scale production and laboratory.


Technical Parameters



Production capacity

2400 - 7200 plates/hour

Blanking frequency

20 - 40 times/min

Blanking plate

2 - 3 plates/hour

Maximum forming area and depth

140 x 100 x 18 mm

Adjustable scope of travel

30-100 mm

Packing material

PVC: 150 x 0.25(0.15-0.5) mm

PTP: 150 x 0.02 mm


4 KW

Power supply

AC, 220V/50-60 HZ, 1 phase

Air compressor

≥0.15 M3/min ( provide for oneself)

Air pressure

0.6 MPa

Overall size

2200(L) x 750(W) x 1200(H) mm


700 kg